Mission & Values


That's our motto! That's how we understand ourselves! God has called us to be "a church for the community." We exist as a congregation and as a body not primarily for ourselves but for others, for those among whom God has placed us! We exist to be a blessing to our community, to love our neighbors, to add value to our neighborhood, and to show forth the goodness of God in Jesus Christ to those among whom we live. To that end, we joyfully welcome all people to participate in any and all the ministries of our congregation, whether on our campus or elsewhere! Moreover, we believe God has called us not to simply gather in a church building but to also go out to our community to serve, bless, work, encourage, and make a positive difference in our area - for the well-being of all people and the glory of God!

Our first calling is to live in a way that honors God. Our chief end is to bring glory to God, which happens to also bring us great joy. And we believe that the best way to honor God is to help people come to know, love, and follow God's Son, the exact representation of God's being, Jesus the Christ. When Jesus is honored, his Father in heaven is honored. And we honor Jesus by seeking to follow him ourselves and with our whole lives, and by encouraging and empowering others to all follow Jesus also. And this is a journey. We are all at different places in this journey, but with the help of the Holy Spirit we and all people can grow in faith and faithfulness, in strength of character, in love and generosity. Our mission is to help all people - inside and outside the church - to become more and more fully-devoted followers of Jesus, who is THE WAY.