One of the ways in which God heals us and makes us whole is through counselors and counseling, particularly through counselors filled with God’s Spirit and gifted with wisdom and when that counseling is grounded in scripture and covered in prayer.

We are happy to refer those seeking counseling to licensed and respected Christian counselors in the area with whom we have had relationships for a number of years.

Pastoral counseling is always available through our church office or elder on call for matters of discernment, grief, and crisis.

Our pastor is available for premarital counseling and also on a limited basis for marital counseling.

We are glad to also recommend various books and other resources written by leaders in the counseling world that we have found helpful.

In addition to all of the above, we consider prayer to be an invaluable means through which God heals our hurts; straightens out the crooked places in our lives; and gives us insight, wisdom, and direction that we cannot attain on our own. 

For more information, contact the church office, (650) 345-1633.