FPCSM has been running the Alpha course since 2012.  Every volunteer involved in Alpha at our church has been through an Alpha course so we know what its like to have questions.  No question is off limits!  Each one of us has asked our fair share of questions so however you feel about Christianity or God you are welcome to join us.

We create a safe and friendly environment so you won’t be forced to speak out unless you want to, or asked to pray, or asked to take notes or do homework!  Alpha is a group of people with questions coming together to share their questions and thoughts with each other over dinner.  You will gently explore different aspects of Christianity to reach a deeper conclusion about where you might be spiritually.

Each Monday, for ten weeks we will watch a DVD covering a different topic of Christianity - including Jesus, the Bible, Prayer, Faith.  And over post-dinner coffee we talk about what we think and feel about those issues.

If you are interested in signing up please email us and we can tell you more about the course.

You can find out more about Alpha here




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