Give Cash or Checks

Envelopes for cash or check gifts are available for your convenience in the pew racks. Checks should be made out to FPCSM.  If you’d like a box of numbered offering envelopes, please contact Melissa Brumbaugh. You can also drop off or mail your contribution to:

Attn: Accounting
194 West 25th Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94403


 Give Online

Set up a one-time or recurring donation through here or download the app here.


 Give via Pay Pal
You can make a donation through PayPal using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and most bank cards. To give, click here.


 Give Stock

Making a gift from appreciated stock or mutual funds is beneficial to both you and the church. You’ll receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock or mutual fund. Long-term appreciated assets have a fair market value greater than their cost, since they were generally purchased more than 12 months earlier. If you are making a gift of stock or securities, please let us know so that we can verify the transfer and properly record your donation. Call Melissa Brumbaugh at (650) 345-1633 x 224 or E-Mail to get FPCSM’s Charles Schwab account number. Using this information you can instruct your brokerage to transfer stock to FPCSM.


First Presbyterian Church I 194 West 25 Avenue, San Mateo, California 94403 I (650) 345-1633