Baptism is the church's proclamation and experience that we are who we are because God has first chosen us and loved us and called us into His kingdom.  Baptism by water is a visible sign of God's love toward His children and is essentially something that God does. The profound truth and beauty of baptism is not so much that we give ourselves or our children to God but rather that God has given Himself to us in and through Jesus. The water of baptism symbolizes God’s cleansing of us and washing away our sin through the substitutionary death of Jesus on a cross. In baptism we are reminded and we affirm that with Christ we die and are buried but that in Christ we will also one day be raised to new and eternal life.

Baptism is offered to adults and children upon their profession of faith in Jesus Christ, as well as to the infants of parents who are members of FPCSM based on their faith, recognizing that so often in scripture God’s promises or covenants are not just for individuals but also for families and entire communities.  The baptism of infants witnesses to the truth that in His grace God claims us even before we are able to respond to God in faith.

Baptism (as well as Communion) ordinarily takes place at FPCSM in the context of Sunday morning worship, as baptism is a sign of a person’s entrance into God’s covenant community. 

In preparation for baptism we offer periodic classes about baptism (and Communion) as we understand baptism to be one step along the journey of becoming a fully-devoted follower of Jesus.

If you are interested in baptism for yourself or for a child, contact the church office at (650) 345-1633.

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