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First Presbyterian Church San Mateo

However, we are now going by the name...

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For 80 years we were First Presbyterian Church of San Mateo, and in all those years there was never a Second Presbyterian Church of San Mateo, so we recently decided it was time to update our name.  Our new name (Waypoint) affirms several things:

  • that we believe that Jesus is the way to God the Father and to the sort of life Jesus called “eternal”

  • that our joyful calling is to help point other people to the way (i.e. Jesus); and

  • that we aspire to be used by God as a congregation to be a significant waypoint, marker, or crossroads for people on their own journey of life and faith


We are still a Presbyterian congregation in beliefs, practice and affiliation.  Our DNA as a community of people seeking to honor God by following Jesus and helping others to know, love, follow, and worship Jesus hasn’t changed.  We understand ourselves to still be “a church for the community” whose calling it is to love our neighbors in Jesus’ name.  None of that has changed.  The only thing that has changed is our name, which has been a part of our re-commitment to see God’s kingdom come in our community and even among and through us!


We encourage you to check out our website and consider joining us in person sometime soon.

(650) 345-1633    

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