We’re glad you’ve found us and we welcome you to be a part of what God is doing in and among us!

We are a congregation of imperfect people and we know it, so we appreciate all the more the amazing grace of God in Jesus Christ, and that is what binds us together – our celebrating of God’s grace and our seeking to follow Jesus right where we are. 

We are young and old; from a variety of upbringings and spiritual backgrounds; ethnically mixed; and socio-economically diverse.  Our differences, though, simply add to the beauty of what God has done in calling us together.  We love God!  We love one another!  Together we seek to serve our community!

Our mission as a congregation is to honor God in our lives by helping people – both ourselves and others – to come to better know and more faithfully follow Jesus, whom we have come to understand as not just the most significant person in human history but also Lord, the strong and mighty one who heals, forgives, builds up, teaches, leads, guides, and saves!  We have truly found Jesus to be an amazing person on whom we can confidently build our lives.