Prayer is vitally important to us at FPCSM as it is through prayer that we have fellowship with God, both in listening and speaking, in rejoicing and lamenting, in seeking God’s kingdom and confessing our sin, in thanking God but also asking God for those things that we need and desire in Him.  Our life together as a congregation is continually soaked in prayer, relying on God as the One who loves us, directs us, shepherds us, and is to be honored.

Prayer requests on Sunday mornings
Each Sunday morning in our worship bulletin are tear-away cards on which worshippers are encouraged to submit requests for prayer and for which devoted pray-ers will pray accordingly during the week.  All requests remain confidential unless expressed otherwise by the one submitting the request.

Prayer Teams on Sunday mornings
After each worship service at FPCSM, members of our prayer teams are at the front of the sanctuary for those who would like to be prayed for, prayed over, or anointed with oil.  The invitation to meet with these compassionate prayer warriors is open to all and encouraged.

Prayer Ministry
A group of intercessors meets weekly on the church campus to pray for the life and ministries of FPCSM, its people, and others.  All are welcome at this time of prayer on Monday evenings at 6:00pm in the sanctuary.

Prayer at Other Times
If you would like for someone to pray for you or with you about any matter at a time other than those listed above, be encouraged to call the church office, your deacon, or the elder on call.  Someone will be glad to either arrange for prayer with you or for you or will pray with you immediately, if desired.